Anoola Collection – London

The Anoola Collection is presented to you by design director Anna and is the solution for those who desire the best in quality, design, and fabrics. Anna’s creations rely keenly on natural fibers such as silk, chiffon and organza. She believes a woman should look fantastic AND feel comfortable.

  • You Express yourself in more than one way and, of course, your taste in fashion is part of your personal statement of who you are as a woman.
  • You appreciate exceptional style and quality, and you choose to make your own statement rather than follow the crowd.
  • You revel in the sensuality and satisfaction exuded when you wear that special dress.
  • Your Anoola creation represents the declaration and epitome of your individuality.

“We aim to emphasise the natural beauty of our clients by offering very special designs that feel sensuous to the touch and allow the body to breath as nature intended. You will love wearing these special creations. They will stimulate your senses”.